Friday, November 12, 2010

You Happy Now, Ken Tremendous?

Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are no more. Neither one of them will be returning next season on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. And it only took 21 years of criticism. To be honest with you, I didn't hate Jon Miller. It's possible he'll still do the weekly radio broadcasts of the game, in case you need to hear him.

It was time to move on because Joe Morgan's VORP was way down. See what I did there? That was a sabermetrics joke. I also considered, "Morgan is being replaced by Bobby Valentine, whose OPS is much higher over the last 3 seasons.", but figured the VORP one was more esoteric and, therefore, more desirable.

PS - I think esoteric is a good word. And when used in conjunction with "plebian" makes for some good old fashined condescension. Like, Side Bar levels of condescension.


Open Bar said...

It is indeed a glorious new day. Now if only someone could slip a little AIDS into Tim McCarver's coffee, we'd really be getting somewhere.

Side Bar said...

Oh I'm condescending now, am I? I guess once you buy a house in Queens and a PT Cruiser you can just dish it out as you see fit, huh? (see what I did there? probably not, because your stupid).

ChuckJerry said...


ChuckJerry said...

I won't hold it against you. The your/you're thing is an esoteric concept for a plebian like you.