Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Classic Video: Celebrity Sing Along

This is mad random. I don't think I've even sat down for like 2 consecutive hours over the past three months, let alone put together the thought processes required to write a blog post of even marginal quality, but this I had to post.

This "celebrity" sing along is somehow the single most European thing that's ever happened. It's got a few B-listers scattered in the front, like Jason Alexander and Huey Lewis, but then it just gets weird. When Ricki Lake is in the second edit, you know it's got to be downhill from there (PS - I always thought she was pretty cute). My single favorite is the kid who plays young Forrest Gump at the 5:20 mark. But there are some other gems.


Open Bar said...

Awesome video! It just says "This video has been removed by the user" the whole time!

ChuckJerry said...

Oh man, that's really unfortunate.

Matt Dabney said...

try this one

ChuckJerry said...

Nope, that one's gone too.

Anonymous said...

Hey all,
Check out this, its a version of the song with "honest" subtitles: