Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Several One Sentence Thoughts On Rap Music

I'm pretty confident that Illmatic, by Nas is the best rap album of all time.

While I don't want to front on A Tribe Called Quest, I think it's entirely possible that Outkast is the best rap group ever.

While I don't want to front on The Low End Theory, my favorite Tribe Called Quest album is Midnight Marauders.

I still think my favorite rap album is Reachin', by Digable Planets. It's possible that's no longer the case, but I think so.

Eminem somehow loses credibility for me by associating himself with terrible rappers.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Jay-Z is the best rapper ever.

I miss good rap music.


j said...

I'm pretty fond of K'naan these days.

ChuckJerry said...

J, I actually downloaded that K'Naan album after you recommended it from this post:


It's not bad. There are a couple of good rap artists out there these days. Common, Talib Kweli, etc. I'll put K'Naan in there with them.

j said...

Unfortunately, he's still at the top of my list since then because no one else has blown me away even a little bit in recent months. I'm hoping someone comes along soon, I'm so freaking tired of autotuned crap.

Open Bar said...

Agreed on Illmatic. Not to get all nerdy or anything, but what Nas does with the English language on that record is remarkable.

Enter the 36 Chambers would be pretty high on the list, too.

Not high on the list? Anything by Too Short. I couldn't stand that little fucker.

ChuckJerry said...

Yeah, you know what that guy's problem is? He's Too, ahh....bad at rapping.