Sunday, April 3, 2011

The 2011 Mets

The Mets are 2-1, making it one day they are over .500 for the season. They head into Philadelphia next, so let's enjoy this time as a winning team. More important, however is this observation.

Terry Collins, new Mets manager, bears a striking resemblance to officer Santangelo from The Wire. Santangelo was the dude who tried to throw himself down the stairs to get disability and then the guy who refused to sell out McNulty in the first season once the case got legs so was relegated back to a beat cop. For the remainder of his tenure, Terry Collins and Officer Santangelo will be interchangable. That is all.


Open Bar said...

Terry Collins is Santangelo from The Wire.

And let me say welcome to all the Googlers once word gets out.

Gold said...

I hate to disagree with Charles Jerome, but I believe you are wrong on two counts. (Btw, who am I kidding? I fucking love to disagree with Jerry!)

First of all, it wasn't Santangelo who was going to throw himself down the stairs, it was Det. Augustus "Augie" Polk, played by Nat Benchley, who looks nothing like the Mets new skipper. (See:

And 2nd, while that guy looks a little like Santagelo, he looks at lot more like NY sportscaster Russ Salzberg. Google THAT! ;)

ChuckJerry said...

My bad, Gold. You are right about the stairs thing. (This can count as one of the three examples of when i was wrong and you were right.)

Russ "the sweater" Salzberg does have a bit or resemblance to Collins, but relating things to The Wire is a fun part of life.