Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Ma! The derned tv's broked again!

Some Americans who still get their television signal over the air through an antenna (analog) faced, or will face, a rude awakening when they try to tune in to Hee Haw today.

Ugh. This episode is always on.

The federally-mandated switch from analog to digital television signals, delayed once from February to June, is taking place today. The idea is that digital signals are stronger, producing a richer, sharper signal. But the real drive behind the move is that it frees up the analog channels for the FCC to auction off to telecoms and other new media providers.

The only reason I mention this is because I was reading on the Internet today, and watching on cable this morning how surprising it is to find out that some people were caught off guard by the switch. Apparently, the people who have regular Internet access and 436 cable channels are surprised that the people who still get their TV signal over the air were not apprised of the pending change. I know, I know, it was advertised on those same analog channels, and in the newspapers, and discussed on the radio, etc., etc. But still. Is anyone really so stunned that Cletus the slack-jawed yokel who lives in a trailer in Tennessee and gets three channels was not totally prepared for this? I'm not.

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bowler said...

it's nice to be using cable in the first place - if this is an option - definitely simplifies things