Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taliban defeats Al Qaeda, 6-1

Thus begins the World Series.

Mets fans have argued recently over which team we should be rooting for.

I recently discussed this with Side Bar, and he asked me who I would choose. I told him that the only answer was neither. A Mets fan cannot possibly actively root for either side.

If forced to choose, I would have to go with the Taliban. Side Bar disagreed, and not without reason. I completely understand his position. After all, the Taliban are in our division. They are now our chief rival. And wow, have the last three years have been excruciating for Mets fans America.

But for me, it came down to two things. 1) The Taliban are in the National League, and I was raised to root for the National League team in the World Series; and 2) Although the Taliban's fans suck mightily, they are largely located much farther away. Al Qaeda's fans, on the other hand, I have to deal with every minute of every day. As much as it would suck to have to deal with the Taliban's retarded supporters, distance counts; and Al Qaeda fans are close by and in the millions. They also tend to be very rude and love the number 26 for some reason.

Anyway, I didn't watch tonight's game and I don't plan to watch any others, but I did hear that my homeboy Alex Rodriguez struck out three times. Man, that guy's terrible. Remember when A-Rod had a few bad postseason games and Joe Torre batted him 8th in the lineup against the Tigers? I think Joe Girardi should just shoot him this time. As many Al Qaeda fans have said these past few Octobers, A-Rod sucks at baseball -- but worse, he sucks at suicide Bronx bombing.

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ChuckJerry said...

I find it interesting that this has been such a topic of discussion recently on talk radio and now on this blog. It's discussed as if there is a single right answer. Not in this case, clearly since both views are represented fairly, but the gies who call up the FAN and argue as if it made any difference at all and that guys who are rooting for the Yankees instead of the Phillies are infidels or vice versa and aren't "true fans" are just retards.

If it's in your heart to root for one of these teams, then do it. If it's in your heart to not root for either, then do that.

PS - Cliff Lee was spot on last night and CC was shaky and it was still a close game for 7 innings. Additionally the Phillies rotation drops off mightily starting tonight.