Monday, November 16, 2009

An (Un)Interesting Revelation

A thought crystallized in my mind yesterday. I've actually been ruminating on this for a while, but now I'm confident in this conclusion. I'm pretty sure, almost certain in fact, that my single favorite song ever is "Linger" by the Cranberries. I guess this isn't that exciting for anyone, but it's interesting that I feel like I've always known that I loved this song, but I just kindof decided yesterday that I loved this one more than all the others. Except it wasn't a decision, it was just a realization. It was like in those romantic comedies where there's 90 minutes of contrivances and then in the end they realize that they've loved each other all along.

I guess it's not something that's super important to realistically define your favorite songs or movies or books or anything, but for some reason it's important to us as people to have firm decisions on at least a top 5 or something. Vis-a-vis songwise I always sortof hovered around a few favorites, including "#41" by the Dave Matthews Band, "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" by The Police, and the aforementioned "Linger". There are obviously other songs that I love, but these three hover above the rest for me. Well, these along with Bach's Cello Suite No. 1, but I can't really say that's my favorite because you can't sing along. Incidentally, that Police song is just amazing. It was written in 1978, but it never goes out of style. It doesn't fit into any kind of mold. If it was released today it would be a hit. Anyway, this ceases to be interesting to anyone but me.

Please to enjoy:


Kathy said...

No mention of Journey? Don't stop believin?

Side Bar said...

and their tanks! and their guns! and their bombs! and their bombs!

jesus I love those guys. I was on the "cran-wagon" (all rights reserved) years ago. Jess knows.

ChuckJerry said...

I remember when you were about them. I liked them a lot too. "Linger" is on their first album, but in general their second album is much better. I used to rock that one all the time.

Don't Stop Believing is way up there, but it's not in the aforementioned triumvirate. One half step below.

Anonymous said...

I guess "Walk on By" is on the half-step below with "Don't Stop Believin'"? (I believe the actual title has no g.)

ChuckJerry said...

Are you trying to front on Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick? That song is hot.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. I just remember you saying once how much you liked that song.