Thursday, February 18, 2010

the knicks make a trade at the deadline

this post is written with no capital letters on purpose, to show my lack of enthusiasm or faith in the knicks.

i haven't even acknowledged our junior varsity team since this post two and a half years ago but today the ny knickerbockers traded jared jeffries and got back tracy mcgrady in return. it was a three way trade, i think.

anyway, it seems like a good deal - we get to see if t-mac, whose contract expires this year, has anything left in the tank while getting rid of one of isiah's overpriced signings at the same time. plus, if mcgrady is any good and resigns it helps their chances of getting lebron and another good player - which is really the only chance of restoring legitimacy to this awful franchise.


ChuckJerry said...

The worst part of all of this is that there's essentially no way that David Lee will be back next year. I really don't understand why they can't sign him to a contract when they have like only 2 gies under contract for next year, but all I keep hearing is that the salary cap structure will not allow them to sign 2 max gies and keep David Lee.

I'm totally gay for David Lee, by the way. Easily my favorite player of the last decade.

I'm off now to watch the women's curling match.

Open Bar said...

"...if mcgrady is any good and resigns it helps their chances..."

Why would he tender his resignation or whatever, Maude?

Oh, you mean re-sign. I guess you were leaving hyphens out along with capitalization, huh.

(Wow, this comment turned dickish.)

The Notorious LJT said...

i'll try to improve my grammar in my next post, which should be around april

Side Bar said...

"I guess you were leaving hyphens out along with capitalization, huh."

Hyphens? Are you fucking kidding me? And, while we're at it, shouldn't that very sentence have ended with a question mark? The grammar police thing is the least funny and most annoying thing you do on this blog.

Maybe you are just cranky because you have not had a cigarette in three days, in which case, well, fair enough.

Open Bar said...

Settle down there, for fuck's sake, and get back to whining about Facebook Buzzer and color TV and integration and anything else modern and useless.

And when I point out that I realize I'm being a dick (like I did), I'm immediately absolved of all wrongdoing and thus undeserving of bitchiness the likes of which you displayed. That's the rule, assfarmer.

Walt Clyde Frazier said...

The Knicks' moves were great (for once). If they had any chance to add a couple of big names next year, LeBron or not, they've certainly opened their options.