Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Classic Video: Part 2, I guess

I do agree with Chuck that that last one might be more suited to the All right, stoners, explain this and/or What the Fuck? tab category, but it was still pretty funny. (I like the lighthouse!)

But I've been holding onto this one for a while, debating whether it deserved placement or if anyone would like it. But I figured, what the hell? For this one, I highly suggest you eat a tab of acid, an eighth of 'shrooms, or maybe that awesome 2CE stuff I've only heard about (I swear). If you're not into the whole "tripping" thing, though, turn off your lights, I guess. It may start a bit slow, but at around the 40 second mark...well, you'll see.


Joe said...

That reminds me of the road that leads to William and Mary -- straight, dark, lined with trees.

ChuckJerry said...

That's a very cool video. Thought of Donnie Darko right away.

lilah said...

who sings that? sounds cool - video is pretty freaky..but I like it.