Friday, December 12, 2008

Just One Question, Omar

I'm definitely not complaining that the Mets signed the gie who just set the record for saves in a season when they desparately needed a closer. I'm just wondering why the Mets were the only team who wanted him. Why didn't the Angels even try to sign him? Do they know something? I know he took a physical and everything so I guess it's not that big a deal, but I find it very strange that no one else seemed to be in on this.

Mitigating that to a certain extent is the fact that in addition to Francisco Rodriguez aka K-Rod, the Mets also traded for JJ Putz, who was Seattle's closer for the last couple of years and an all star.

Also my heart sank a little bit when I'd heard that as part of the deal for JJ Putz the Mets traded Endy Chavez to the Mariners. That guy was easily my favorite Met.


Open Bar said...

The Angels have this guy, Jose Arredondo, who's only 24 and had a sick year last year. They're gonna use him to replace K-Rod. Also, the Mets weren't the only team who wanted K-Rod; they're just the only team who could afford him.

On the other hand, I'm still a bit concerned about K-Rod's velocity being down and his K/BB taking a dive last year. I hope he's not already washed up.

But either way, it was the right move for the money. Thank frigging Christ Omar didn't give him that Sabathia-esque 5-year/$75M deal.

Side Bar said...

Yeah, I think OB is right. The Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox, for example, could also have been in the running, but have no need to sign a really expensive closer. And I think the Angels were interested, but only if they cannot sign Mark Teixeira, which is still an open question. As I heard it, one of the reasons Omar moved earlier on this than usual (Santana was signed in February was because he didn't want to eventually be competing with the Angels if they don't sign Teixeira.