Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday Classic Video: Sexy presidential sex acts

We're all quite aware of the Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky cigar routine, and who knows what the hell was going on with JFK and Marilyn Monroe? I can't think of anything too risque involving Jimmy Carter (thankfully). And hey, I know liberals are supposed to be all "free love" and whatever, but Barack and Michelle have been in the White House all of like two days. This is a ridiculous assumption even for FOX to make.

Hey, I'm all about the occasional freaky bedroom activity, but I don't recall MSNBC suggesting Dubya was banging Barney in the Lincoln Bedroom. Sheesh.

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Side Bar said...

did she really say "fisting"? Did that whole thing actually happen?

Could Fox possibly be this evil this quickly?

Well . . . . yes.