Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Internet Does it Better

I'm home from work today and I just ordered lunch online through

I love ordering shit online, the less interaction I have with people during the buying process the better.

Porno, Christmas shopping and food should all be ordered online.

It beats the hell out of calling the Chinese food place and restating your order like seven times and the reading of your debit card number is nearly impossible.

I also pay every single one of my bills online. Even to people. I'm going on vacation with Side Bar's older brother later this month and I cut the check from my online banking account and Bank of America just mails him a check. They used to take the funds out of your account right away but now you have to wait until the person cashes it, which is annoying but it's still pretty dope.

Oh, that music from whatever that game is is annoying. I feel like I should be waiting online for Space Mountain.


Open Bar said...

As you know, I've always been a big giver to charity. The internet has made it so much easier. I can transfer large sums to this poor fellow in Nigeria who just needs a few more bucks before he can access his inheritance, come over here and make me a millionaire!

ChuckJerry said...

Ordering shit online is the best. I suppose ordering other stuff is good too.