Monday, March 15, 2010

It Could be a Long Season

I won't start the Haikus just yet, but man it is tough to be excited about this team.

Peter Gammons reminds us today that:

The Mets averaged 91 wins from 2006-08. But in the past seven years compared to the Marlins, they've won 13 fewer games, had one less pennant and World Series, had one fewer winning season and spent $560 million more than Florida.
Ouch. Even this little Larry Jones wannabe is is letting us have it. When does football start?

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Open Bar said...

There should be a "Fear Factor"-style show where, after eating six pounds of rancid camel shit or whatever, you get to be the Mets' team doctor.

That way, at least, the new doc would: A) know exactly how Mets management treats its fans, and B) be just as good at team-doctoring as his predecessors.