Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're Like Fortune Tellers Or Something

So we all remember when Side Bar made that eerie prediction about Barry Bonds and the home run record (geez, talk about shitting on a national treasure) and how we all thought that was the end of our fortune telling. (Side Note: since in that post he also talked about how he didn't want the Mets to even think about signing Chan Ho Park, what are the odds that Chan Ho has a freaking fabulous season thisyear with the Yankees?) Well, try this one on for size:

Please to enjoy a post from October 7th, 2007, in which Open Bar goes on about how he's gay for Jesper Parnevik (I think that's what it's about). Anyway, here's one of the throw away lines from that post:
"Tiger Woods? I don't hate him (because how can you?), but I'd like to hear the occasional three-hooker-orgy story or something. That's when I'll really like him."
I mean, I guess you could say we all saw that one coming, but come on. That's some good shit right there. I guess Open Bar has a new favorite golfer.

Relatedly, I'm pretty happy that none of us really tried to tackle that Tiger Woods scandal when it happened. As much as all the (other) media outlets wouldn't let that story die, I was tired of it from the beginning. I mean, talk about a non-story. When he comes back to the tour let me know. Until then, let it go. (If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit.)

(Out of curiosity, was the parenthetical other, thus implying that Where's Luke is also a media outlet a) too obtuse? and b) remotely funny?)


Open Bar said...

For my next feat, I will predict how many games the Mets will win this season.

**closes eyes, begins predicting future**

You know what, uh, never mind. Can we talk about something else?

Side Bar said...

(a) no, (b) eh.