Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blogging Is Awesome

I got home from the dentist today at like 3pm. It's 7:17 right now and I've just spent the last 4 hours scrolling through the archives of this blog. I'm about to go watch the Mets game, lest I would keep digging through. Frankly, it may be a better idea that watching the game.

I just want to pull a Diesal and point out the moment right now. I'm really glad that we've spent the last 3 years writing this blog and I hope we continue to do so with at least a moderate amount of vigor. (I know at least the ending of Lost is good for a couple more posts.) It's entertaining in real time when we actually take the time to post and comment, but it's also incredibly entertaining to go back and read the archive from time to time. I've sat here smiling and sometimes LOLzing (I love actually using that term in print. I apologize.) for the past 4 hours without realizing that all this time has passed. It's just a great record of these past years. Thank you for being a friend.

Some observations. LJT definitely writes the best posts. Open Bar definitely has the best/funniest comments. Side Bar has the one-liners coming out of nowhere. And I suck. And big ups to Walt Clyde Frazier for being our most dedicated non-author reader.


The Commodore said...

Consider me a religious follower of the blog as well. Although I don't leave comments, I check the blog almost daily and enjoy reading all of your posts. I only wish that you guys would post a bit more frequently, because I love reading your stuff!

Saludos desde Colombia,

The Commodore.

Open Bar said...

God dammit. I just spent the last hour reading the Sept. 2008 entries, just for the hell of it. I was gonna spend that time watching "The Prestige" and not going outside in the beautiful weather. Thanks a lot, Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Well, having been bestowed that title, I feel compelled to comment on your previous post.

I declare that your previous post of Mariah Fail is easily in your top 20 gayest posts ever. Not gay as in bad, gay as in "ChuckJerry might like guys" gay.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

For what it's worth, I still listen to the Les Miserables soundtrack and sing along from time from time. And I love Dirty Dancing.

You're welcome.

ChuckJerry said...

There, out in the darkness,
A fugitive running,
Fallen from grace...

Is the clip, on its own, inherently gay? Isn't it just funny?

I really didn't comment on it at all, it stands on its own.

Amanda said...

I, too, faithfully read this blog. And because of this blog, I know all about Lost and the Mets, and I don't like either one. That's a dedicated reader.