Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Classic Video: Open Bar as a Young Child

The Daily News picked up this story out of Sumatra. Another link to the story here. As a new parent, this is actually encouraging, because it is now officially impossible for me to be the worst dad of all time. Or maybe this was just one of those things where dad finds son smoking, makes son smoke entire pack to teach him a lesson, and it totally backfires. I don't know.

Hey Open Bar . . . jealous much?

Said the proud papa of terrible two-year old tobacco toker Ardi Rizal: "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem."


After publishing this I realized it would make a great installment in our Real Men of Genius series, so here goes:

Sung: real men of genius.

Spoken: we salute you, Mr. letting-your-toddler-smoke-two-packs-a-day, guy. When you heard that adults who smoke two packs a day can die of cancer in their 50s and even their 40s, you had the courage to ask why your son should have to wait that long.

Sung: can I bum a smoke, dad?

Spoken: you understand that when your kids want to start smoking cigarettes, there's just no way to stop them. Even if they're two.

Sung: (inaudible, then coughing)

Spoken: and so here's to you, oh professor of parenting prowess and perpetual puffing: your wife, the government, international media outlets, and the most basic notions of common sense may say your wrong, but -- cough -- you said "fuck 'em, son, let's have another."

Sung: Mr. letting-your-toddler-smoke-two-packs-a-day, guy


Open Bar said...

That kid is so cool.

ChuckJerry said...

It's official, smoking makes everyone look cool. That kid is gonna get so laid.

Evan said...

Wow! That's crazy! I really like your Real Men of Genius.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell how much the kid is inhaling, if at all... don't think he is... thoughts? Is it somehow less bad if he's not inhaling?

auto appraiser said...

Really don't believe it that such a small child is smoking like this. I think this kid is going to suffer from cancer soon and even his parents are not doing anything.