Thursday, January 7, 2010

Real Men of Genius: Mr. passing out-in-a-snowbank-while-your-children-watch-crying guy.

Sung: real men of genius.

: we salute you, Mr. passing-out-in-a-snowbank-while-your-children-watch-crying guy. Your wife said you couldn't go to the Bills game and get loaded because you have three kids now and, besides, they were eliminated from playoff contention weeks ago. And you said yeah, well, we'll just see about that.

Sung (in background)
: have a-nother.

Spoken: because you know that the best way to get out of watching the kids next Sunday is to have the cops drive them home this Sunday.

Sung (in background): Daddy can we pleeeeeease go now!

Spoken: and so here's to you, oh friar of frigid temperatures and frosty four o'clock beverages, because when your kids complained that they were cold and tired, you reached for a cold one and took a nap. In a snowbank.

Sung: Mr. passing-out-in-a-snowbank-while-your-children-watch-crying guy.


ChuckJerry said...

"Officers called the children's *mothers* in Olean and made arrangements for the women to pick them up, police said."

This dude convinced at least two women (possibly three) to sleep with him. Also all the mothers thought it was a good idea for him to bring the kids to the game with him.

ChuckJerry said...

PS - This is a pretty clever post.

Open Bar said...

Later, as the judge announced his fine of $1,000, Miles smirked and said, "Bill me."