Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Jersey Shore

I just don't get tired of these people.

Pauly D, The Situation (which continues its reign as the greatest nickname ever, by the way) and Snooki, whom I love, seem to be out promoting this show and themselves all over the place. Yet, Ronnie, J-Woww and Sammi Sweetheart and nowhere to be found - what's up with that?

These people aren't terribly funny or intelligent and yet, I find them so entertaining.

Below, Pauly, Sitch and Snookers reenact the three wisemen's visit to see the Baby Jesus.


ChuckJerry said...

"Oh my God. Baby Jesus."

That's Emmy worthy right there.

Plus, I clearly have dibs on Snookers.

Amanda said...

Lucky for me, I probably don't need to fight any of you for DJ Pauly D, because I LOVE him!