Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Captain Obvious: Run, then Eat

When was the last time you went for a five-mile run immediately after having a nice, big meal? Well, in this country, school kids do it every single day. How is it possible that no one has really thought - at least not until now - that maybe we should let kids run around first, then eat, instead of the other way around. We were never allowed to go swimming for 30 minutes after eating, but somehow it was completely acceptable to go run around like wild animals immediately after eating lunch (okay, fine, playing kickball wasn't exactly a marathon, but still).

At North Ranch Elementary School in Scottsdale, AZ - one of the first to try the switch and study its effects - "one child told school workers he was happy he didn't throw up anymore at recess."

Is it me or is this just the most obvious thing in the history of the world that every one just totally missed for the last century?


Open Bar said...

I don't remember any sort of mid-recess barfing epidemic at Bryant, Whittier, or BF.

(Except for the anorexic chicks, but I don't think that's really the focus of that article.)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't classify school lunches as "nice, big meals".

Plus, I don't think children care that much. I used to play pick-up ball in high school and college straight from eating, with little stretching, warm-up. Now? Knee issues aside, I think all of us at our age would stretch, warm-up, not eat right before being active, etc...

ChuckJerry said...

Except for that time we went to the Cottage Bar right before our last jew-ball game of the season.

best. idea. ever.

Anonymous said...

Really? I remember thinking it was a great idea until 5 minutes into the game, all of us were sucking wind and nauseous, and getting beat even worse than normal.

Why did we suck so bad? That's not a rhetorical question. Who was our entire roster again? What year was this?

ChuckJerry said...

Yeah, it was a terrible idea. The only people on our roster that I remember were you, me, and your brother. The three of us decided to go to the Cottage before our last game since we had lost every game prior to that one we figured we might as well try and get drunk first and see if it would help.

This must have been like 5 years ago, and I'm pretty sure we were playing Eric's team.

I remember very vividly parking in the jew-ball lot, walking to the Cottage, and walking back. I also remember like 5 minutes into the game not feeling very good, but then thinking it was so funny that I felt a little better. Also we got blown the fuck out.

I think that was the year when we lost every regular season game, but we nearly won our playoff game against the number 1 seed. We missed a last second shot that would have been a game winner. I feel like you and your brother were on the Cape for that game and we had a couple replacement players that were pretty good. So clearly you two were the weak links on our team.