Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm On Team Conan

First of all, Conan O'Brien rules and Jay Leno sucks ass. Secondly, this clip is amazing and should remind us all how freakin' hysterical Norm MacDonald is.

Additionally, NBC rules the world in putting on great TV shows and then cancelling them. I'll only cite Conan O'Brien and Freaks and Geeks as examples, but there are many others.


Side Bar said...

Jay Leno is a humorous, outstanding talk show host, and a fine, upstanding American . . .


- Insult Comic Dog, Triumph the

I don't what the ratings are, but Leno fucking sucks. He is a shrill, unfunny, pompous jackass.

Someone put an ad for a refrigerator in some newspaper in the sticks that has a sexual connotation if you read it twice? Wow. Great stuff. Mr. Peanut Butter married Mrs. Jelly? Awesome. Dick.

Conan is hysterical. I still watch that Triumph DVD about once a month. And if I stayed up past 9:45 on weeknights, I would definitely watch Conan and not Leno.

What is NBC thinking? Conan's viewers are younger and growing. Leno's viewers are older and dying.

Whatever. Eventually one of the networks will put Jon Stewart on and it will be all over for the rest of them anyway.

Anonymous said...

As with most people not currently receiving social security checks, I am on team Coco, for realzes, I almost took up arms...

Reader, please ask yourself...When was the last time you tried to watch Leno? How long did you last?
I think Jay is a bully, "and I hate HIM"

I posted a link below where Howard Stern and Rosie O'Donnell are commenting on Leno.

I think Rosie is spot on- Jay "doesn't have a lot to add, he comes up and does obvious jokes about nothing emotional, he's robotic... his humanity is not very present. You look at Conan and you think, here's a smart guy who is taking risks, whose doing new things..."

Bri, you are probably right about Jon Stewart, but I would never count Conan out (C'mon, he invented the masturbating bear and our personal favorite Triumph.)

For more smack talk from Howard and Rosie:

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