Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Entirely Random Things

Number one: Remember when Nerf used to make footballs and soccer balls? Because I think now they only make things like this:

Number two: I really don't know what it is, but Ryan Seacrest is just the perfect host for American Idol. I feel like I like him way more than is warranted, but there's something genuine in all his fakeness. Also that time he tried to high five the blind dude was awesome.

Speaking of which, now that Simon is leaving after this year, I think I may finally be able to quit this show. As it is, I only watch the performances and Simon's comment and I fast forward through everything else. But this past year I really didn't care at all, whereas in years before my enthusiasm for who won was like a 2 out of 10. I really just watch it out of habit at this point.


Open Bar said...

The only time I've ever liked Seacrest is his cameo in "Knocked Up." I kind of secretly hope he's a huge asshole when he's not on camera. Like he taunts old ladies and kicks puppies and stuff.

Don't know why I hope that. Maybe it'd humanize him for me.

Faith said...

Excellent reason to watch American Idol this season (which I haven't watched in years): contestant Maddy Curtis, the first girl sent through to Hollywood this season, from the Boston auditions, is my cousin in law! There you go, I've just given you all an extra awesome reason to watch.

The Notorious LJT said...

is that a squishy machine gun?

Side Bar said...

I watched all 3.5 hours of the American Idol premier this week (DVR gets it down to like 2, 2.5), and the whole time I was sitting there just thinking to myself, "who in the world sits and watches this show?"

And then I was like, "oh wait, I am sitting here watching this show." I think that's the point . . . they kill in the ratings because even people like me, who don't care about the show and, I am pretty sure, might not even like it, sit there and watch the whole thing.

One other point: Simon is just fantastic. I can guarantee I will not watch once he is gone. He is laugh out loud funny the whole time. He said to gone guy "you sound like a cat barking." And to another guy, who had just said to Mary J. Blige that he was going to give her the 411, Simon was like "someone should have called 911 while you are singing."

It doesn't translate well to the written word, but the way he delivers his lines, and just devestates people, is must watch tv.

side bar out

ChuckJerry said...

Simon is great. And the good thing about American Idol and DVR is that once the auditions are over it only takes like 30 minutes to watch a 2 hr episode. Otherwise I would have stopped years ago.