Friday, January 22, 2010

"I was born in West Philadelphia and also raised there. I spent most of my time playing basketball..."

The Internet loves it some Fresh Prince and Rick Astley. Also popular? Pranks. Add those together, mix in some serious Jesus-ing and voila! A World Wide Web-a-Trois of magnificent proportions.

First up, it's a bit odd that this guy kinda looks like an older DJ Jazzy Jeff. Wonder what that guy's up to these days... Great Odin's raven -- this can't be serious:
"DJ Jazzy Jeff admitted in an interview with Tweed Vests Weekly that he had spent all of his DJ Hero royalties on eBay building his Voltron action figures collection. When the toys turned out to be worthless, he was forced to rely on the charity of his long-time friend Will Smith. He is now resident on Smith's couch at the actor's Los Angeles home."
Hmm... Tweed Vests Weekly? Either we've got a mischievious Wikipedia editor, or DJ Jazzy Jeff is cooler than I thought.

Anyway, check this out:

And now this, for anyone who's ever gotten Rickrolled:


ChuckJerry said...

both of these are awesome.

Anonymous said...

indeed chuckles, indeed. I love it on the second clip when the guy trys to backtrack after pointing out his co-host has been played, "well I don't want to diminish if its a real email"