Friday, May 21, 2010

Lost's finale approaches

A by-no-means-comprehensive list of things I want from Sunday's finale:

1. The Glowy Light doesn’t matter.

Okay, so that's more like a guess of what's gonna happen, but it's like this: Much like Jacob’s answer to Kate when she asked why her name was crossed off, the whole Magic Glowy Light thing shouldn't be some all-controlling metaphysical force to which everyone and everything must submit. I'm hoping that now that Jack is Island Guardian, he'll be all "Fuck this stupid Light. I'm running shit now." And then the characters themselves will take control of their futures, ideally breaking the awful cycle that's existed on the Island for so long. That would be a good reason for telling us this particular story over the past six years. If everything just goes on like it always has, then why the hell did we just watch all this?

If that happens, that seems like it would be a good way to start merging the two timelines. I have no idea how that would work, but I have to think that dealing with the Light will be involved.

2. A shot of Locke becoming Smokey. Please show the smoke emerging from his mouth and then his body fading into the smoke. Bad. Ass.

3. To find out how Jacob leaves the island. Right now we know that you can take a sub, a plane, a boat, or pull the Frozen Wheel Thing and end up in Tunisia. Somehow, I think Jacob had a different way.

4. Ben to play a big role. Preferably by outsmarting and then killing Smokey.

5. Richard needs to return and demonstrate how important he is (like Ilana said). On Tuesday, Smokey kicked the shit out of him, but if he’s dead, that would be super-wack. “Ab Aeterno,” the Richard episode from a few weeks ago, was IMO the strongest episode of the season – due greatly to the staggeringly good performance by Nestor Carbonelli (sweet name, brah). The character deserves a proper sendoff, one in which he plays a consequential role in the final outcome.

Things I’m curious about, but don’t insist that the show address:

1. Why can’t Smokey go over water?

2. How did DHARMA find the island? Were they brought there by Jacob?

3. Is there a reason so much electromagnetism is concentrated on the Island?

4. Is there anything else we need to know about The Numbers, or are they just numbers?

Whatever happens, I'm sure we'll have lots more to discuss. Doesn't that please you, LJT?

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