Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dumbening of America's Youth

I just want you all to know. We're fucked.

Example. The kids nowadays when they're writing, like writing using a pen and paper, will write stuff like, "U in da way :)", in which the word "You" is spelled "u", "the" is spelled like "da" (appropos, no?) and the emoticon colon parenthesis is written out as an emoticon instead of just a regular smiley face.

I feel like I want to write like a whole essay about why it's retarded to write out an emoticon and about how the emoticon has now come to actually represent the thing it was meant to symbolize and replaced it altogether. It would be a whole long thing and I would be really angry at the end. So instead I'll just express my frustration like this:



Open Bar said...

Why don't you take a picture of one of your kids' tests and post it for posterity?

Pls, kthxbye!

Joe Grossberg said...

It's not dumb; it's efficient.

Anonymous said...

On another note, who's going to be the first Where's Luke blogger to comment on the Omar Minaya / Jerry Manuel news?