Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Guess There's A First Time For Everything

Today, for the first time, I drove over the Brooklyn Bridge. I have driven over the Williamsburg Bridge a bunch of times. And the Manhattan Bridge a few times, too. But I've never had a reason to drive over the Brooklyn Bridge before today.

I have a memory of walking over the Brooklyn Bridge once in college, but it is all together unclear. I have a pretty specific picture in my mind of entering the walking path from the Brooklyn side. It's so specific that I feel like it must have happened, though I can't say that I'm a hundred percent sure that it did. If I ever walk over it again, then I'll be able to confirm the mental image I have of the walking path entrance.

Anyway, driving over the bridge looked a little less like this

And a little more like this


Side Bar said...

I had never been over the Brooklyn Bridge before, either. So one time a couple of years ago (b.c.), Mrs. Side Bar and I were going to walk from the Upper West Side to lower Manhattan and then over the Brooklyn Bridge. We were all fired up about what a fun adventure it would be, and we'd get some exercise, too. We made it to George Keeley's on 83rd and Amsterdam (about five blocks from where we lived at the time), and stopped there for cheeseburgers, proceeded to get loaded, and went home. It was a great day.

A couple of years later, I drove over the Brooklyn Bridge to see my brother, who lives there now. It was underwhelming. IMO, the George Keeley day was more memorable.

ChuckJerry said...

The drive is much less scenic than the walk. Driving over the Williamsburg is much cooler.

Open Bar said...

I think the reason the two pictures look different is probably that in the first one the Twin Towers are there. In the second one, you can't see them, so it looks like it's different.