Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Reliable

Well, at least they're consistent!

The Gambino Crime Family.....oops, sorry, the MTA is letting everyone know that fare hikes are once again likely.

Once again they have been totally blindsided because they say they have collected about $900 millioin due to depressed tax revenues and another $149 million because of reduced state funds.

In case you're counting that's over $1 billion dollars of funds that they will not be receiving. And they didn't see it coming.

I know Side Bar disagrees and thinks that the MTA leadership is doing a bang-up job, but in my opinion these people are either criminals or just astoundingly incompetent. I guess they're just kind of incompetent criminals.

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Open Bar said...

Is there any doubt that once the fare hikes take effect, the MTA will somehow "find" a billion or so just laying around?

"Uh, must've miscounted. Sorry."

Fire them all. Privatize it. They've had their chance and they sucked at it. Also, they fondle livestock.