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Rewatching Lost: Season 2, Episode 3

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Season one ends in a very dramatic but predictable way. Skip ahead to season two.

Within the first three episodes of season 2 we find out that The Others definitely exist and that Desmond is in the hatch and we watch the orientation video of the Dharma Initiative's swan station. Basically all of this happens actually in the 3rd episode. The first two episodes were a pretty clever telling of how they opened the hatch and discovered Desmond. Anyhow, this third episode is the beginning of the cluster fuck. Season one is basically irrelevant to the eventual story line as a whole, there is nothing revealed except the back stories. Incidentally, basically everything I remember about the back stories happens in the first season, with the exception of finding out what Kate's original crime was.

I get the feeling that they went home over the summer after knowing this was a big hit and they completely retrofit a bunch of stuff into what was going to be an otherwise fairly straightforward story line. It's like how Star Wars was accidentally awesome so George Lucas then had to flesh out a whole bunch of story after that, eventually ending up with Ewoks, and then super eventually ending up with Jar Jar Binks. This is the observer principle at work. Fucks everything up.

* I know I'm reading a lot into this, but these three things all happen in season 2, episode 3.
- John Locke asks his father why he stole his kidney from him (dick move) and his father says, "There is no why. You think you're the first person who ever got conned?"
- After watching the Dharma Initiative orientation video, Jack questions Desmond about the need to push the button every 108 minutes. And he says, "Do you ever think that maybe they put you down here to push a button every 100 minutes just to see if you would? That all of this, the computer, the button, it's just a mind game? An experiment?"
- Shortly thereafter, Desmond runs away and Locke tries to convince Jack to stay and push the button with him and also the computer is broken at this point. And then Locke says, "It wasn't supposed to happen this way."

I'm going to offer those without any analysis because I'm clearly biased.

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