Monday, June 24, 2013

Rewatching Lost: Stuff That I Don't Want to Forget to Notice

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Rewatching Lost
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First, Shannon's father (Boone's step-father) was killed in a head on collision with an SUV, which is to say that he was the guy that was killed by Jack's ex-wife when she was driving like a woman all over the place. I just watched the episode where Shannon gets shot. I had literally no recollection of that episode at all. Not a single thing that happened seemed familiar.

Second, when John Locke meets his birth mother, she originally tells him that he has no father, and that he had been immaculately conceived. This is obviously not true, but you could probably read this either way. If you want him to be the savior, then he is. If you want him to be the anti-savior, then he's that, too. Like Darth Vader, I guess. John Locke has a fucked up life to the point that he lands on the island. He's kindof a wimp, essentially the opposite of what he is on the island. Blank slate.

I guess that's basically it. I don't have much else to say right now. All of the tail end people don't last much more than a season. The only exception is Bernard who's on sporadically for the remainder of the series. Another example of them trying to expand the show beyond its original intention without much success. Also Bernard had a planned comeback from the very beginning, so he was in the original plan.\

Final thought, the music that goes with each scene is fantastic, wonderful, dramatic, all that.

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