Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rewatching Lost

So, really this blog has been about nothing if it hasn't been about Lost. And recently I started to rewatch Lost, as it is available for streaming on Netflix. I haven't yet decided if this is an exercise in masochism, as my feelings towards Lost haven't really changed since it ended. I felt like the writers let me down, especially in the last season. I felt like I invested a lot of time and energy into the series hoping some of it would get wrapped up in the end, and really almost nothing got wrapped up. Like, practically nothing.

I guess I decided to watch it again without having to be surprised by everything that happens and with the benefit of knowing what happens (at least what I remember) and decide if I really was led astray. I guess I'm giving it a second chance. I want to decide if they really bit off more than they could chew, or if all of that stuff was there for a reason. I have never seen any episode more than once, with the exception of the finale, which I watched twice.

And now I've rewatched the first 8 episodes. Here's what I got so far:
* In the very first episode, Locke teaches Walt how to play backgammon and describes it as light versus dark in sortof a heavy handed way, which would obviously come back into play later down the road.
* Locke doesn't get killed by the smoke monster early on, but it is implied that he faces him down and sees into the soul of either the island or what we would find out later is the smoke monster. They don't show him facing down the smoke monster, they only imply it. They also haven't actually shown the smoke monster yet, only wind and trees being bent. And I guess there's something to that and the fact that Locke would later become the smoke monster, or I guess the converse of that is more appropriate.
* Sayid has that picture of Nadia and on the back she writes, "You will see me in the next life, if not in this one." After setting that up and knowing that he gets with Shannon at the end still makes me mad.
* I don't really remember the Sawyer story line at all.

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