Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fatboy was a cheater

While I'm sure there is still much more to learn and interpret about the George Mitchell report on steroids in baseball, I feel a blogger's obligation to draw an instant conclusion.

Aside from Barry Bonds, whose steroid exploits have been well documented and covered, the biggest name in the report has to be Roger Clemens. Though rumors had surfaced previously about his possible usage, today's report gives us many more details on what may or may not have happened.

However, upon reading in the report, Clemens allegedly got back into using steroids during the latter half of the 2000 season.

During that period, Clemens threw at Mike Piazza's head (just a box score, not a video, but you remember it). Then, in the World Series, he picked up Piazza's broken bat and threw it at him, later claiming (pathetically and illogically) that he thought it was the ball. (I looked for a video link, but MLB has apparently been very thorough in removing it from the Internet. If you find one, let me know.)

If those two incidents don't perfectly define "roid rage," then I don't know what can.

Roger Clemens was a cheater.

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Open Bar said...

Wow, so I'm commenting on my own post first. Cool...?

How long before one of the players who got named in the report tries to pull the "Yeah, I bought the steroids, but I never used them" line.

Sounds as believable as "Yes, but I never inhaled."

Also, Roger Clemens is a cheater.

As in, he cheated at baseball.

"Cheated" being that thing that you're not supposed to do...because, you know, it's cheating.

(And I totally don't buy it that Glenallen Hill did 'roids. No way, man. way.)