Monday, December 3, 2007

Has Omar lost it?

When I was a young lad, I was really into collecting and trading baseball cards. I didn't have too many trading partners, though; it was basically just Side Bar and his brother MMG. We traded many, many cards, and I can't (clearly) remember a particular time where I got totally screwed in a trade. I'm sure this happened; it was just me up against those two, so logic would dictate they probably got the better of me when you add up all the different negotiations.

But I'd like to explore a possible baseball-card trade (that probably didn't happen, but it may have) between Side Bar / MMG and myself. This would have occurred circa 1988:

I'm holding a Kevin Elster Topps "Future Stars" card.

I really like Kevin. Maybe -- as his card says -- he'll be really, really good soon. But maybe not. He's young and unproven. Who knows?

Side Bar and MMG are offering:

1. A 1987 Topps Jerry Royster.

Royster's card is obviously crap. A throw-in. Maybe MMG and Side Bar think I have a special liking for him or something, I dunno. But they also offer...

2. A 1985 Topps Rusty Kuntz.

Rusty Kuntz -- I mean, can you go wrong with a name like that? Who wouldn't want that card? Even though he was a pretty crappy baseball player, simply having this card would probably get me mad props by showing it off in Mr. Chupak's 10th grade Modern European History class. (Not that I could foresee that or anything.)

So basically my decision boils down to this: Do I trade a card that I like, which could either end up very valuable or kind of in the middle (so I thought at the time) for two other cards -- one of which is obviously crap, while the other has at least something desirable?

Hmmm... I'm gonna say No. Why would I trade away a card that I might wind up loving (because Elster might turn out awesome) for a crappy card and a card that has, at best, a face-value appeal?

I'm sure Side Bar and MMG would have found a way to "persuade" me, but then again, I was only 10 back in 1988, so how much could I be held accountable for?

However, professional baseball General Managers should be smarter. I'm talking to you, Omar Minaya.

You just traded Lastings Milledge for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church.

Lastings Milledge: Though he was perhaps not quite what Mets fans had been led to believe, here's how the good folks at Y2K put it:
Young Lastings, all 22 years of him, hit .272 with 7 home runs in 184 at-bats last season. Across 550 at-bats, that's 21 home runs -- pretty good for a 22-year-old.
Ryan Church: This guy is supposed to be our new everyday right-fielder? Last year, his best, he hit .272/.349/.464, which is pretty mediocre for a corner outfielder.

Brian Schneider? Well, he just flat-out sucks. You can look here if you don't believe me.

Basically, Omar Minaya traded away a young player with a big upside/high ceiling (depending on your cliche preference) for one mediocre player and one crappy player. Not to mention the fact that Milledge could've been much better used in a trade for a FUCKING PITCHER, clearly the Mets' most pressing need.

How is this a good deal?

Omar was dynamite three years ago, acquiring Pedro and Beltran -- awesome. The next year, he added Delgado and Lo Duca -- very good. Last year -- eh? And so far this off season -- Go Fuck Yourself.

I worry that Omar has lost it. I mean, I know it's not like he's gotta deal with the intricacies of an Elster for Royster/Kuntz trade, but Jesus, man. How 'bout you get us a goddamn pitcher?



Joe Grossberg said...

Wait, a minute ... MMG and BPG used to trade baseball cards as a team?

The Notorious LJT said...

yes they did, if i remember correctly.

and, by the way, i agree it appears omar has lost a step - which is weird b/c i always thought he was pretty sharp.

The Notorious LJT said...

oh, and if that is a real baseball card/player - rusty kuntz is the greatest name of all time.

The Notorious LJT said...

he is real!

Open Bar said...

Chuck -- were you in Mod. Euro. History with me in 10th grade? I think you were. Do you remember the Rusty Kuntz card getting passed around?

ChuckJerry said...

I was in that class, but I do not remember the Rusty Kuntz card. That is, however, the greatest name in history.

And fuck Omar. This trade makes absolutely no goddamned sense. Fuck me in the goat ass.

Side Bar said...

I got in a fight with Brian Schneider at Shea one time . . . I mean, not fisticuffs or anything like that . . . but we were sitting in the front row, on the visiting dugout . . . he was on deck, playing for the Nats, and he was a September call-up. He was like 0-5 and we were killing him . . . Livan Hernandez came over to tell us to shut up, and then some latino Mets fan next to us stepped in and started yelling at Livan in spanish. It was a-mazing. I am sure this will strengthen Brian Schneider's resolve not to totally suck for the Mets. Too bad resolve isn't enough, and he will totally suck for the Mets.