Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Classic Video: Too bad the Wii doesn't come with a steel chastity belt

First of all, the Nintendo Wii is awesome. I can honestly say it has completely changed the entire idea of video games, at least for me. Never before has a video game system come so close to actually bringing you inside the game you're playing. If you haven't played one yet, quit your job and go find a way to do it right now.

I've been strongly considering buying one lately, especially since its online application would allow me, from my apartment in Manhattan, to finally avenge (somewhat) the vicious and totally uncalled-for ribcage-breaking punch LJT executed on me a few years ago by kicking his ass in Boxing -- while he plays at his apartment in Jersey City. Which is dope.

However, I may have just reconsidered, after watching the following video. Granted, I'm not some 8-year-old kid and I don't have a massive dog, but still.

Without further adieu...

(Oh, and this is work-safe. In fact, it's work-funny!)

Thank you, Gorilla Mask!


ChuckJerry said...

Ummm...the noises that kid makes while being dog raped are, ahhh, strange to say the least.

And why is an 8 year old playing a realistic first person shooter? Were they out of the snowboarding game at Toys R Us?

The Notorious LJT said...

first of all you fucking deserved that shit, open bar.

second of all that video was absolutely hysterical.

Open Bar said...

What the fuck did I deserve? Dog rape? That's just mean.

Irish and Jew said...

That should be an exclamation point, as in "dogs raping children -- funny!"