Thursday, May 29, 2008

Friday Classic Video: Stair Defeats Woman

After the last post's somewhat contentious commenting (which was entirely Side Bar's fault; he's a jerkface), I thought we could use a little levity.

Now, since the three other writers here are probably 50% of the folks who'll see this clip, most of you already saw this. But still, I can watch it over and over, so let's save it for posterity.

Chick Slips And Slams Head On Stairs - Watch more free videos


Walt Clyde Frazier said...

What's with the fart noise?

If that was actually her farting right after she fell, then the video is 100 times more funny.

ChuckJerry said...

True. And no one looked when she fell and screamed, "Oh my God," but everyone's head shot up right after the fart noise.

And then the dude comes in and he's like, "get back on the phones," like the one girl's health is unimportant realtive to whatever crap they're selling.