Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Classic Video: This is mostly for Internet nerds (like me)

First off, Weezer is awesome. They're one of the ultimate "nerd" bands. Lead singer Rivers Cuomo wears glasses, for God's sake. David Brooks, whom Chuck loves, wrote something today about how "nerds" are different from "geeks." Whatever. As I'm sure Stan Gable would say, a nerd is a nerd is a geek is a nerd.

But anyway, I fucking love the Internet. At my "job," I have a lot of down time. I regularly check out Digg, FunnyOrDie, Cracked, GorillaMask, Ebaum's World, and Facebook. Facebook, by the way, is way beyond "the new MySpace," as was brilliantly illustrated here: "MySpace Intervention." Ha. I had a lot of LOLs and ROTFLs and LMFAOs and BLOWMEs watching that. Oh, what's that, Grandma? You didn't understand what I just wrote? Sorry, but welcome to the nineties.

So here's the new Weezer video. A good many Internet "stars" are featured, some of whom have been lucky enough to appear on our little blog site. Enjoy!

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