Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've always said the 2010 Mets were World Series-bound

Following yesterday's doubleheader sweep of the Dodgers, the New York Mets find themselves in ... first place?

NY Mets129.571-10-52-48969+20Won 68-2
Philadelphia119.550.53-38-610784+23Lost 33-7
Florida1110.52415-46-610297+5Lost 15-5
Washington1110.52417-64-490105-15Won 15-5
Atlanta812.4003.55-43-87785-8Lost 72-8

What? How?

Easy answer: The Mets fucking rule shit and Phillies fans can all die in an earthquake.

Real answer: Thanks largely to some effective (and quite lucky) starting pitching lately, the National League team in NYC that actually pays Gary Matthews Jr. in exchange for baseball services has racked up eight wins in their last nine games, with a sweep of the Pope-defending Braves in the middle. Johan and Big Pelf have led the way, giving up one whole run between them in their last 46 innings.

This, obviously, cannot stand.

While 6 innings, 0 runs looks good in a box score, if you watched yesterday's game you know Johan wasn't really that great. It took him 115 pitches to get through those 6 innings against a miserable, Manny-less Dodgers offense. It took him 9 pitches to retire the opposing pitcher at one point. And what's up with this middling 89-90 mph fastball? Anyone who thinks that pitch is still gonna be gettin' fools out in August is plain dumb.

But the pitching overall has been pretty fantastic, with one major flaw. Here's how the Mets rank in several pitching categories:
  • ERA: 3.11 -- 3rd
  • runs allowed: 69 -- 3rd
  • HR allowed: 11 -- 2nd
  • strikeouts: 170 -- 1st
  • walks: 106 -- 16th (out of 16)
Anything in particular jump out at you there?

Last night, for example, was some vintage Oliver Fucking Perez: more walks than innings pitched. In the earlier game, Johan walked three guys in his 39-pitch second inning -- the kind of inning every Mets pitcher seems to have had at least once in every game for the last three years.

What is the deal with the Mets and walks? Every year it's the same damn problem. Last year, the team had the second-most walks; the year before, the third-most; the year before that, the fifth-most. Someone again remind me why Omar gave Ollie 3 years / $36 million?

Anyway, things are going well now, so sorry about the bitching.

Oh, and one more thing: Will all you jerkstores immediately cease this booing of David Wright? Mets fans can be so retarded sometimes, it's infuriating. And why in fuck-all do people chant "Yankees suck" at Citi Field? That's just embarrassing. All those people should go visit Philly on Earthquake Day.

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ChuckJerry said...

I'm not going to entertain the notion that the Mets can win this division. They could, however, compete for the wild card. If they manage to hover around .500 and finish with 85-90 wins, I imagine they'll be right in the mix.

The NL Central is downright bad and the West is pretty good, so maybe they'll all stay around .500 based on the beating each other up theory. The D-Bags (I mean Backs), Dodgers, and Giants probably all have a shot to win that division. I don't see hwo the Padres will stay up at the top like they are now, but if they do then that's even another team in the royal rumble. ('80s wrestling reference...that's awesome.)