Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Just In, National Televion, The Mets Suck

For Mets fans there is reason to at least be hopeful. Mike Pelfrey seems to be in the midst of recovering from his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2009 season. Johan has been good and so have, amazingly, John Niese and Oliver Perez (but he's just so day to day, I'll believe in his consistency in about 2 years). John Maine was not awful in his last start (if that's the barometer, then you know it's going bad, but still) and he says that he discovered a mechanical flaw that is residual compensation from his arm injury that he's in the process of working on. So long as the pitchers stay somewhat consistent and they can lean on Johan and the Prelf, the offense should be good enough to win them some games (not that it has, but it should).

They finally gave up on Mike "Fucking" Jacobs and brought up Ike Davis. (And frankly, if he hits even a little bit, I'm all for quitting this Daniel Murphy positioning experiment. Murphy is clearly only suited to play third base, just trade him for something, anything.) Jeff Franceoeuoeur has quadrupled his career walk total in these 15 games so far, and Jason Bay actually had an RBI the other day. Angel Pagan has finally started to play every day and he'll probably be good long enough for Beltran to come back.

The question, though, is who on Earth would want to watch the Mets play other than Mets fans? The Mets played three consecutive games on national television last weekend. They were on the Fox national broadcast (which turned out to be a great game in fairness), then the next day they were on Sunday night baseball, and then the next day after that they were on Monday night baseball. I wonder when was the last time Gary Cohen had two whole days off during the season? (The Monday game was on both ESPN and SNY.) And then they are scheduled for a second week in a row to be on Sunday night baseball this coming week. There is no reason to believe that they are going to compete in any given game unless Johan is pitching. Unless they can get a guarantee that Johan is gonna pitch, there's no reason for these guys to schedule Mets games on national TV.

Maybe the argument is that even if they just draw regional viewership, the Mets audience is bigger than they would get for some other team. But at this point I would think the nation as a whole would be more inclined to watch the Phillies (an actual exciting team), Angels, Cardinals (the Mets opponent on both Saturday and Sunday, probably those two teams together equal pretty big ratings), Twins, (Devil) Rays, or Red Sox. I'll leave the Yankees out of it, I guess. And since I get to watch all the Mets and Yankee games anyway, I'd personally like to watch the occasional Twins game or even the Phillies (who I clearly dislike, but who also put on a pretty good baseball game).

PS - I was tempted to put this picture up in the corner there, even though it has nothing to do with anything.


Side Bar said...

Maybe the argument is that even if they just draw regional viewership, the Mets audience is bigger than they would get for some other team.

Yep, that's it. Well, that and the fact that ESPN cannot put the Yankees on every single night (as they get regional and national numbers - schwing!). The Mets, Red Sox and Phillies are going to get more than their mathematical "share" of national broadcasts because of the large local audience they draw.

You know, normally one might be pleased to see their team on ESPN, Fox, TBS or some other nationally-televised network, but not me. Cohen, Darling, and (gulp) Keith are just so great at doing the Mets games now that I would much rather watch a game on SNY.

The Fox team has always been below average, and the Sunday broadcast on ESPN has gone from bad to totally unwatchable. Forget all the crap that people pile on to Joe Morgan, Jon Miller is just absolutely terrible. God bless Orel Hershiser for trying, but man it is so over for that crowd.

At least ESPN finally ditched their Sunday night football crew a few years back (before ceding Sunday night football altogher). But there were several years when you had Morgan and Miller doing baseball on Sunday nights, and Joe Theismann, Mike Patrick and Paul Maguire doing football on Sunday nights. That was just a year-round suckfest.

ChuckJerry said...

Given the picture at the bottom of this post, I figure this is the appropriate venue to say this.

Rest in Peace, Lima Time. Bad pitcher, great guy.