Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of the Mets, Nicknames, and Beltran . . . . F*cking Beltran

The following is an edited version of a discussion Open Bar and I had earlier today. As you can see, I am right and he is wrong. As usual.

Side Bar: god forgive me for saying this, but signing pedro after the all-star break could make a lot of sense for this team

Open Bar: not a bad idea; hell I'd trade Oliver Perez and John Maine right now for a bag of nails

Side Bar: it's too bad, because this is going to be a really good team 40% of the time (Santana and Prelf), a so-so team 20% of the time (Niese) and a shite team 40% of the time (Perez and Maine). If they could move the Perez or Maine spot out of the shite column and into the decent column, we'd have a shot at the playoffs.

Open Bar: and if my grandma had balls she'd be my grandpa; those two are just plain bad

Side Bar: yep

Open Bar: it's been the same shit for years, why should we expect anything different?

Side Bar: I was at the games last night -- Perez just totally stinks

Open Bar: painful to watch

Side Bar: And the problem with bumping Maine from the rotation in favor of Takahashi is that then you have 4 lefties in the rotation; that's trouble

Open Bar: I don't know about that

Side Bar: who, by the way, totally deserves to be starting on this team

Open Bar: it's quite clear he's better than those two shitheaps. I hate to bitch like this when we're doing well for once, but the future is staring us in the face. This team, as constructed, is not very good

Side Bar: other than 4 and 5 in the rotation, I disagree

Open Bar: Is Gary Matthews Jr. on the team?

Side Bar: bullpen is solid, just negligently overused (due, in equal parts, to Jerry Manuel and the fact that the starters can only go five innings at a time)

Open Bar: What about Frank Catalonotto?

Side Bar: ok, so you want to upgrade your role players a bit, fine, no argument from me, but that's on the fringes. The core of this team is very young and very good. Wright, Reyes, Davis, Frenchy (another walk yesterday!), Santana, Prelf . . . and then F Mart, Dillon Gee, etc.

Open Bar: the bullpen's OK, let's not get ahead of ourselves

Side Bar: they are overused; who is out there that you would replace the shitty bench players with?


Open Bar: I would love to see Fernando (don't use FMart, please) and Tejada. And Josh Thole over your boy Blanco

Side Bar: you cannot bring up rookies unless you are going to play them every day; I think that is horrible for their development

Open Bar: ok, fair point

Side Bar: so yeah, if it's August and we are out of it, I agree 100%, bring up FMART and let Tejada get his feet wet at second base, but not before then.

I hope Beltran never puts on a Mets uniform again . . . I really cannot convey to you how much I hate that guy (though pagan has sucked it up lately).

Open Bar: I love how you hate our best player

Side Bar: how can he be our best player if he never plays; that is exactly why I hate him so much; he is soft; he is always hurt, and he puts himself ahead of the team; how can you possibly justify him having that surgery in January?

Open Bar: 2005: 151 games

2006: 140

2007: 144

2008: 161

Side Bar: 2009?


Open Bar: he got hurt last year, simple

Side Bar: also, why is 7 out of every 8 games impressive for "our best player"? Maybe if he had played 10 more games in 2007 they would have won the division, after all he is "our best player"

fuck him

I fucking hate him

Open Bar: 149 games a year average is more than 7 out of 8

Side Bar: but 140 out of 162 is not

Open Bar: everyone gets hurt from time to time

Side Bar: not me

Open Bar: what he shouldn't have done is come back last September for no reason; your "soft" player played even when he probably shouldn't have, which almost certainly led to his having to get surgery in Jan

Side Bar: He never wanted to come here, and it shows. I get the sabremetrics thing, I do. The Mets need to a better job of brining in guys on numbers, and not because Omar thinks "he's a solid guy."

But you can't completely discount personality, chemistry, and intangibles, either.


Side Bar: Beltran has no heart. He is a paycheck player.

Open Bar: proof? evidence of any kind?

Side Bar: My observations as a fan. I watch virtually every Mets game.

Open Bar: Do you also read his psychological reports?

Side Bar: Of course I cannot get inside his head, but I can compare his style, his demeanor, his quotes, and his attitude with what I observe of every other player.

Open Bar: Look, I hate his mole too

Side Bar: I can see him stealing third base when there is no reason whatsoever to do it.

Open Bar: I think you're being a bit unfair here

Side Bar: I can see him never, ever, ever get frustrated when he strikes out in a big spot, and I can compare that with the anguish on DW's face when he strikes out with men on base. I can see him talk shit about the fans, and refuse to take a curtain call until Julio Franco practically drags him out of the dugout to do it. I can see all the little things that he does and does not do, compare them to other players, and make a semi-informed judgment.

Open Bar: and I can see him gracefully patrol center field like no Met ever

Side Bar: fine; but I still hate him

Open Bar: I just don't know if all those subjective observations add up to enough to discount his objective performance

Side Bar: the fans love Reyes; LOVE him

why is that?

why do fans let Reyes off the hook for every mistake, but boo Beltran if he doubles instead of triples?

Because they are sheep? Yeah, sort of.

Open Bar: because he smiles a lot and has all those handshakes

Side Bar: But also because it is beyond question that he wants to play for the Mets, and is devastated when he cannot do it

Open Bar: and speaking of injury-prone

Side Bar: EXACTLY; that's the point

I see no evidence that Beltran wants anything out of the game than a paycheck, and it makes me crazy.

With Reyes, Santana, Wright, I see so much more, and that I why I fucking love those guys, and I will never give them shit when they struggle.

Open Bar: I understand what you're saying

Side Bar: Fine, Beltran is an incredibly talented player.

But the Yankees have proven that alone is not enough.

Open Bar: I guess I'm just not as personally offended by Beltran's demeanor

Side Bar: God damnit. Now you have me all worked up

I fucking hate him

Open Bar: when he comes back, the Mets will be a better team and win more games

if I want a more personal connection to a player, I have wright and Reyes

Side Bar: I never said he wasn't better than Pagan . . . I just do not like him.*

*Editor's Note: Between having this conversation and posting it, Angel Pagan has hit a two-run triple. Thus confirming without further need for debate or evidence of any kind that I am right.

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