Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Classic Video: Triple-threat match!

All right, so I thought I'd do a little something special today. Three videos!!! (And three exclamation points!!!) I know, amazing, right? But since none of my other cohorts decided to bless our blessed blog (Mrs. Twombly is loving my alliteration.) this week with a...what do you call it? Oh yeah, a POST. Yeah, that's it. Anyway, here are three clips which I hope you will offer your opinions on. (Rock on with the dangling prepositions!)

Number One: In all honesty, should "Mexicans" be counted as "Real People"?

Number Two: We've all been the first to pass out, but have your friends ever done something quite like this to you? (WIN IT! GET THE BALL! GOOD SHOW!)

Best Prank To Do When Passed Out - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Number Three: (Disclaimer: If you've recently lost a loved one, this may be difficult to watch. So if you're particularly sensitive, then I'd say don't bother watching. Either way, the real question comes after the clip.)

So, is that real? (For the record, I only posted that to address the ongoing question of whether or not any video you see on YouTube or wherever is actually real. Whereas it's very easy to claim that some idiot face-planting while trying to breakdance is fake, is it just as easy seeing something like this and calling "Bullshit!"?)

In case that depressed anyone...

Here's why I miss college:

So which one is best?


Joe said...

The last one is best, because one of the dudes watching the first landing has a cast on his arm.

Incontrovertible evidence that college kids think they are immortal.

ChuckJerry said...

A couple things

First, Open Bar, I don't think you understand the idea of tagging the posts.

The one with the Mexicans was stupid.

If someone ever put me on a raft in some water when I was unconscious, I would not be their friend any longer. In all seriousness.

If your girlfriend died I can understand why you would be crushed and have the feelings that this guy has, but why would you then put down those thoughts on tape and post them on YouTube? Write your thoughts in a letter or something and save it for yourself to remember her by. I can get with that. But posting that for potentially the whole world seems like an invasion that is unneccesary. What purpose does it serve?

That last one was pretty cool. I'm interested to know how they decided on the perfect position for that little pool. And if that was the largest pool available. And do you really need 7 days to build that? That seems like a lot. Of course, you'd want to do it right and not go half assed on it.