Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A truly awesome commercial

Geico has clearly been the best commercial producer the past few years, but Skittles is making a serious run at the title. This one has more emotion than every episode of "Entourage" put together (Oh God, how I hate that frackin' show.). Better special effects than Star Wars. And "Tim" evokes the voice and pathos equal to that of the Rockbiter in The Neverending Story. ("They look like big...strong hands...don't they?)


ChuckJerry said...

Entourage is awesome. The only reason you don't like it is because you were hoping it would be about you and the rest of the Hollywoods.

There was an interesting interview with the creator of Entourage in the NYT Magazine (where I get all my information from) and he was talking about how the characters are supposed to be hateable and entirely conceited and that's why the show works. So if you hate it, then you're probably only a step or two from liking it.

Open Bar said...

Well Chuck, you almost wrote my response for me. So you get all your info from the New York Times Magazine, huh? So you're clearly an ultra-left-wing, terrorist-loving, flag-burning, God-hating, freedom-despising, America-hating guy from France. AM I WRONG?

Yeah, obviously it would be great if me and my friends lived the lives of those douchebags on Entourage. Who wouldn't want that? Never any real problems or difficult choices to make. And hey, even if you make the wrong choice, it inevitably turns out (in complete defiance of reality or even anything approaching reality) that you get to have a three-way with the Playmate of the Year and Scarlett Johannson.

Oh, and so they're supposed to be hateable? That's what I'm not getting -- that by hating them, I'm actually liking the show? That's fucking retarded. Unlikeable characters can be compelling -- Tony Soprano, for instance -- but these guys aren't compelling. They're just tools. The whole show is just Hollywood masturbating and giving all you idiots who watch it a facial.

You think the only reason I dislike it is that I wish I was on it? I guess I'm not sufficiently "hateable" then, huh? A cruel fate, not to be hateable enough to be on the "According to Jim" of HBO shows.

The Notorious LJT said...

Open Bar, I, for one, find you sufficiently hateable.


The Notorious LJT

Anonymous said...

gentlemen, watch it and weep at how badly this bad commercial trumps yours: