Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'll Go Out To The Movies, And Buy Myself A Snack

Ok, this post is for those of you with social skills. I am not among those blessed members of society with social skills, so maybe I just don't understand.

One of the things I like to do best is go to the movies. And if I happen to have a few hours to myself, then I'll often go to the movies alone. And then when I talk to people and tell them I went to a movie they'll invariably ask me, "who did you go with?". And when I say, "no one. I went by myself," they say, "Really?!?", as if I just told them I fellated Dave in Times Square.

How can it be that people don't go to the movies alone? I mean, it's probably the least social thing I can think of to do. You sit and watch. You're not supposed to talk or really interact or do anything other than watch. That's not to say that I don't got o the movies with other people, but it's certainly not a requirement for me to go see a film. Why do others feel the need to make movie watching a social activity?


The Notorious LJT said...

I guess it's the embarrassment of doing something alone in public that is generally a group (two or more activity).

I don't mind going to the movies alone myself.

I also never really minded eating in the college dining hall alone, either and many people seemed to have found that unthinkable.

Open Bar said...

Fuck that. I love going to the movies by myself. When it's done, I don't have to deal with someone telling me all their immediate responses, then expecting me to offer some sort of insight when I haven't even had a moment to actually think about what I just saw.

I prefer going alone. In fact, I wish all the other idiots in the theater weren't there either. All the talking, laughing at not-funny parts, cell phones going off, etc.

I wish I could go to the movies and be in the theater by myself. If you haven't done it, you just don't know.

Then again, seeing Dumb and Dumber in the theater was awesome because I was laughing my ass off with a lot of friends and a lot of random people who, I guess, somehow found it funny too. Weird how people can do that, right? Like, they actually were able to understand that certain things are funny. I just don't expect that, I guess.