Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Classic Video: (Sigh)

Wow, has it been a busy week, what with all this constant posting and whatnot. My fingers feel like they're about to fall off! OMG LOL!

Sorry 'bout that. Moving on, many of you know that it's been a particularly tough week to be a Mets fan. So I figured I'd take a classic movie and use a few clips from it to help work through my feelings. Please feel free to suggest other scenes and how they might relate.

Feeling #1: Suicidal. I thought Tuesday's game was bad. Then Wednesday happened. And finally, there was the Katrina-sized debacle that was yesterday. (I know this is really crappy quality, but you remember the clip. If you know somewhere that has a better version, let me know.)

(Here's the full scene, in better quality if you really want to see the whole thing now.)

Feeling #2: Rage. This is what would likely happen if Billy Wagner were to find himself in a room full of Mets fans.

Feeling #3: Oh fuck it, let's just have a laugh and remember that there's plenty more season to go, right?

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