Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Car Alarm? Really?

Fuck car alarms. Is there anyone, anywhere, ever who has been stopped from robbing a car because the alarm has gone off? I bet no. Is there anyone who has been annoyed by the sound of a car alarm going off at some point between 10pm and 7am in the street in front of your house? You have? Oh, and you too? Yeah, me too. It fucking sucks. Car alarms are useless and should be disabled. They are not a deterrent, they do not prevent theft, they are only annoying.

No, you smart asses, I'm not railing against LoJack or against the feature that turns off the car battery to prevent theft. I'm talking about the "Weewwweeewwweeeewwwweeewwwweewwww, bleeeeepbleeeeeepbleeeep, woooahhhhhwooooooaaahhhhh" or the alternate "honkhonkhonkhonk". Utterly useless, my friends.

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