Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Greatest "Show" On Earth?

I have been criticized on more than one occasion for my over-use of the superlative (side note: I guess you could say I use the superlative more than anyone else in the history of the world, ever (side note to the side note: f off, O.B. I'll underline whatever I want. Bitch)).

Having said that, tonight's episode of "The Daily Show" could be the greatest episode they have ever put together. It certainly wasn't the funniest, and probably not the most memorable, but that's fine. The esoteric references in this broadcast (side note: and you know that, like me, you love that seemingly-meaningless-but-actually-meaningful shit that only 10% of the people in the room understand (side note to the side note: hah-HAH Carter, people be talkin' bout some inside jokes and shit that only a handful of motherfuckers can appreciate (side note to the side note to the side note: I think this is the first post in which I have ever had two side notes to the side note, the Elias people would be proud (side note to the side note to the side note to the side note: the side notes are telescoping like the limit created by the 1/x curve on the XY plane, which is mind-blowingly ironic, since I am going to talk about limits, below (side note to the side note to the side note to the side note to the side note: still following along? very impressive!))))) surpass any I have seen before. In one single episode, Jon Stewart referred to each of the following:
  • Atreyu

  • Falcor

MC Escher (there was even a tailored version of this MC Escher photo, revised to make a joke about how the Bush administration used the same excuses for going into Iraq as they now use for why we can't leave)

(Did you know that if you rotate a two-dimensional curve such as the one represented by the function f(x)=1/x around the x-axis you create a three-dimensional figure with a definite volume but an infinite area? Mind = blown. Is that right? Jerry? Joe? Help me out here.)

Think about that for a second . . . I didn't even wait around for the Jodie Foster interview (side note: if I hear "The Brave One" compared to "Taxi Driver" one more time, I am punching someone. OB, you're in the biz . . . can't you do something about this?), and I got five extraordinary references to shit you don't come across every day.

Bravo Mr. Stewart, bravo.


Joe Grossberg said...

I dunno, man. I stopped at Calc I because I was lazy. You should ask Andy ... I mean Barney.

Nigga talkin' 'bout "The Karate Kid" ... booo hahaha ahhahahahhahAHHAHA

ChuckJerry said...

I couldn't give you an exact explanation, but it has to do with the fact that the limit of the function is zero so that the bars extending forever in all four axes create the infinite area, but the integral of the function (which determines the volume) is finite and therefore provides an exact volume.

That's a mad weak explanation, and I'm sorry. I'll ask the calculus teacher at school on Monday.

Open Bar said...

Whoa, what happened to the porn LJT put up? I liked the new direction we were heading in!

A. Calculus, or B. Two chicks making out?


"I'm gonna go with option B. Kicking your ass and collecting $200."