Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Follow-Up (and Atonement): Passing Over the 2008 Mets

A few days ago I complained that Omar Minaya was spending time in Israel, and derided the trip as distracting him from his duties as GM of the Mets. Mockingly, I queried whether Omar and Ehud Olmert would be playing stickball together. Well, apparently the joke is on me, because, as the New York Times reports today, Omar did in fact meet the Prime Minister of Israel, talked baseball, and apparently paved the way for some positive diplomatic banter with the soon-to-visit President of the United States.

Minaya, right, with his latest addition to the Mets' pitching rotation, 78 year-old Phil Neikro.

Omar, you have my apologies, especially since the article goes on to note that you remained current on your duties as GM, taking calls and e-mails as they came. Fair enough.

L'chaim . . . now go make a trade for Santana.

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