Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hey Peter Man! (UPDATED)

Well you don't need a million dollars to do nothing, man. Just take a look at my cousin, he's broke, don't do shit.

-- Lawrence, Office Space

So I finally got around to quitting my job, and now I have a new job. In theory, this new job will provide a bit more stability in terms of hours, and give me less of a reason to bitch and moan about how hard I work. Hope springs eternal.

That's not really the point of this post, however. Instead, in between old job and new job are five weeks of no job (yep, five weeks). While I have always had all sorts of grand plans for what I would do in between jobs (hike Everest, volunteer for a campaign, work with the poor in Bogota (New Jersey, not Central America), etc., etc.) I am becoming more and more enamored with the idea of doing absolutely nothing.

Now that's not entirely true, because I have already scheduled a few weekend trips to Florida to golf and/or hang out, and Meg and I are going to the Dominican Republic at the end of February, but other than that, I really have nothing planned. Now I may look back on this time and think it was not well spent, but waking up at 11 to catch the new Price is Right (which is, alas, awful; a mere shell of the Bob Barker days), lounging around NYC all afternoon, and baiting Open Bar into ludicrous drinking excursions on a Monday seems like a pretty much can't miss idea. Stay tuned.


For the record, I normally only go back and edit posts other than my own (except for LJT, because he can't spell and has horrible grammar and he told me it's okay. By the way, anyone know of any open jobs for a dynamite copy editor?), but I felt the need to post this little Gchat Side Bar and I had soon after his post. What do y'all think?

Side Bar: yo we should do some sort of drinking game or drinking event and document it over the course of the day on the blog. it would be hilarious as we got more and more drunk.

Open Bar: sure. you gonna bring the laptop with us as we bar hop all day?

SB: yeah . . . I was struggling with that.
maybe some sort of blackberry where we email it to LJT and he posts every hour.

OB: I could definitely bring a notepad where we write shit down as events progress. do you have a camera phone for visual documentation?

SB: I have a digital camera . . . if we have a laptop we could upload the pictures.

we can do that afterwards. unless you're married to the live-blog thing

SB: I think the live updates would be funny, but so long as we have documented it correctly, it will be the same effect.
no one is going to be reading it in "real time" anyway

OB: we could incorporate an hourly visit to some internet cafe (and also document the increased annoyed-ness of the owner)

SB: I really, really like that.

OB: poor guy

SB: it's not his fault we're so drunk

OB: we should just give him $50 at 10 am and smile deviously

SB: are you volunteering me for that donation? let's save that for the IPAs

OB: i was actually thinking some kind of wager for the day. whoever wins, pays
I meant loses, pays

SB: an interesting proposition
I also think it would be funny to go to Shea like a month early and pretend to have tickets and start asking when the game starts/

OB: and then get increasingly irate every time some guy tells us IT'S FUCKING JANUARY

SB: and then be sorely disappointed when the security guard tells us to beat it
that would be fantastic
we would need a video camera for that

OB: i have a tape recorder and microphone, which is easily hidden

SB: wait . . . the more I think about this, it could be fantastic . . . we go out there pretending that we are being videotaped, have bogus tickets made up for the event . . . tape people's reaction to us being so crushed when we find out we've been had
sh*t. gotta run. talk soon.

OB: i'll think on it...
Sent at 8:01 PM on Thursday


Open Bar said...

So does this mean we'll see a sudden outpouring of posts from you? I mean, shit, at least Chuck and LJT have jobs.

And one more thing -- Monday night drinking? Please.

As the saying goes, "How can you drink all day if you don't start in the morning?"

(throws gauntlet down)

Open Bar said...

I put an update on SB's post, which is a follow-up to my earlier comment.

(Ever notice that SB backwards is... BS?!?!?!?!?)

Open Bar said...

And wow, you can actually type stuff in that little box at the bottom of the chat that I copy-and-pasted. It doesn't go anywhere, but weird, man!

Open Bar said...

And hey, what the hell, as long as I'm doing all the commenting, I might as well point out how funny it is that Side Bar -- even in a Gchat with me that he had no idea would soon be posted on the blog -- still chose to type "sh*t" instead of "shit".

In fact, I'm gonna go ahead and create a new label called "Side Bar eats sh*t".

Side Bar said...

f*ck you

ChuckJerry said...

Would it really be funny to go to Shea and pretend there's a game when there isn't? Really?

The Notorious LJT said...

Open Bar and I had a good exchange on gchat last night as well after i got back from some after work drinking.

I considered posting it but decided people may not get the reference or just not think it's very funny.

In any case, here it is. I report, you decide:

Brian: I think you type better when you are drunk.
fewer typos
me: the big pink slut asks the fox why she eats funky punani
10:20 PM Brian: lol
10:22 PM me: bitch
Brian: lovely

The Notorious LJT said...

going to shea and pretending the think there is a game and being really upset when you pretend to find out there isn't isn't what's funny. the reaction of people to this absurdity is what would be funny.

Open Bar said...

Who's this "Brian" character you speak of, Mr. The Notorious LJT?