Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Genes Is Genes: A Shout Out

I want to give a shout out to my homegirl, the Notorious EMT, sister of the Notorious LJT. A story is in order to relate the inanity of the Notorious household. The caveat, of course, is that every family is inane, the only question being in what way is your particular family inane. (Is that last sentence a question? Should it end in a question mark? I feel like there should be a colon or a semicolon.) Anyhow, this is how the Notorious family is inane.

In the Notorious family you could break down the three kids into Notoriouses LJT (the boy), KAT (the chef. Shout out to Notorious KAT), and EMT (the tall one), respectively. EMT has always been tall. I assume she's proud of it today, but she was presumably self-conscious of it when she was younger. Perhaps she felt like it made her stand out in a weird way and maybe in a way she wasn't pretty when everyone else was (not true, by the way). One day in her youth, EMT asks her mom, Carmella Soprano, "Mom, why am I so tall?" Carmella gave the obvious answer, "I don't know. Why is [LJT] so good looking?"


Side Bar said...

A person favorite of mine, as related by EMT:

Mom would frequently introduce the three kids to new people by saying "this is [LJT] and these are [LJT]'s sisters."


Side Bar said...


my bad

EMT said...

Hey Side Bar, you STILL introduce me that way!

Thanks for the shout out! You forgot one important part of the story. After her answer of "I don't know, why is LJT so good looking," she tries to correct herself by saying, "you and KAT are pretty, but LJT is REALLY good looking..."

Open Bar said...

Yeah, remember the time Carmela was yelling at LJT after she caught him beating EMT up or something? She was like, "All right, that does it! No swimming at this year's pool party!"

Wait, was that Carmela?

**quietly closes can of worms**

The Notorious LJT said...

I think she was upset because I kept diving headfirst into the shallow end of the pool and knocking my front teeth out.

Open Bar said...

I think she got even more upset that time you were diving into the pool in the backyard when there was, in fact, no pool at all. True, you didn't chip your teeth, but you sure looked dumb doing it.

ChuckJerry said...

Of course, if that didn't happen, then we'd need a different title for the blog.