Thursday, November 20, 2008

You're Either In, Or Your Out...Auf Wiedersehen

I know this is an issue that is (not) close to the hearts of my co-writers. I have long been a fan of Project Runway. The first five seasons were aired on the Bravo network, which is, quite frankly, the perfect network for it to air on. I don't know at what point Bravo decided it was the home of this very specific type of reality show, but it clearly is. I'm fairly confident that the rise of Bravo is intertwined with the rise of Project Runway and Bravo wouldn't be nearly as successful without it.

That being said, Project Runway is not going to be on Bravo anymore. Instead of just letting it go, NBC (which owns Bravo) is suing the Weinstein Company claiming that it had a right to refuse the show before Weinstein shopped it elsewhere. That elsewhere, incidentally, is the Lifetime Network, which I'm not really sure how to feel about. I mean, I can't be watching "The Projects" and then cut to commercials for movies with Meredith Baxter Birney and Valerie Bertinelli. I could at least front like Bravo is a hip channel when I'm watching it, but there's not such redemption in watching Lifetime.

Anyway, the new season of "The Projects" has already been filmed, with the exception of the finale which has to be shot during fashion week in February, but it will most likely not air for months and months while this lawsuit gets itself played out. This sucks. Project Runway is easily, and I don't say this lightly, easily one of the best shows on television. And I want to be best friends with Tim Gunn.

On a related note, the new season of Top Chef started last week. Top Chef is also a very good show. It's not quite as good as The Projects, if you ask me, but I know that Mrs. Side Bar disagrees with me. Shout out to Mrs. Side Bar.


Open Bar said...

*shoots self in penis*

Anonymous said...

that was a very brave post....I got nothin...-winit

Walt Clyde Frazier said...

If by "brave" you mean "gay as hell"... then yes, it was brave.