Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prediction time, yay!

Yeah, that’s right, three exclamation points, what? Do something. Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, after a goddamn eon or something, this fucking election is finally gonna be over tonight (well, hopefully). Side Bar laid down the first bet: 338-200 (for Obama, presumably).

Not bad, my Facebook-hating friend. I’ll take your 338 and raise you a North Carolina, which brings it to 353-185. I'll tack on a popular vote call to: 51.8%-46.3%.

And incidentally, if you run into anyone who gives you that “If Obama loses, I’m moving to Canada” thing, punch that person in the throat. That’s retarded. You can also kick their dog, if they have one and it’s in your immediate vicinity.

Anyway, here’s a lil’ clip from the lovely Faith who, by the by, is a Rhodes Scholar and a part-time Navy S.E.A.L. So I hear, anyway.


Walt Clyde Frazier said...

344-194 Obama.

50.5-47.5% popular vote Obama.

Faith said...

352-186 Obama

52.2%-45.6% popular vote.

And thanks for all the blog love. Sorry my blog is now lame and rather defunct. Too many people in my professional life started stalking me.

The Notorious LJT said...


54% - 46% of popular vote

358 - 164 electoral college

Side Bar said...

I will stand by my 338-200 prediction for the electoral split, and go 52.7% - 46.6% on the popular vote.