Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Retire Joe Morgan?

This is a sad, sad day for those of us who need constant distractions at the office just to make it through the week.

(pause for effect)

The guys at Fire Joe Morgan are shutting it down.

This site was consistently funny, interesting and fun to read. And best of all, it made a cottage industry of cutting down self-important sports journalists . . . especially those who were under-informed or over-hyped.

Some kind of monthly tribute may be in order, but candidly, I just don't think we are funny enough to match what they put up on an almost daily basis. (Believe me, I've tried).

R.I.P., FJM.

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Open Bar said...

This was my favorite website ever. Sigh.

And just for kicks, here's that short play starring Tim McCarver and Joe Buck:

Joe Buck: Well, Tim, you have to like the Red Sox' starting pitching and bullpen, but how do you feel about their ardor?

Tim McCarver: Ardor is a funny thing, Joe. It's like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about pornography: "I know it when I see it." And with these Red Sox, I just don't see it.

JB: How do you know it when you see it, Tim?

TM: For me, it's when you see the dick going in.

(ten minutes of silence)

TM: Oh. I see. You were talking about ardor.