Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Frabulous Playlist

UPDATE: I did some extensive searching through some old mix CDs I had a discovered a bunch of songs last night that were not in my iTunes Library. Many of them went directly onto the Frabulous playlist. As a result, rather than 192 songs, the Frabulous playlist now has 237 songs, all of which are reflected on the list.

It took longer than it seems like it should to make a list of all the songs on the Frabulous Playlist. If you missed something, I posted earlier about making the perfect iTunes playlist. And yes, the second song on the list (sorted alphabetically) is "After The Rain" by Nelson. Deal with it, bitch. I am not suggesting that these are the only good songs in the world. I'm also not suggesting that the list will remain static forever or that there aren't other songs that are good enough to be on the list.

I'll start your comment for you. Choose from one of the below:
a) This playlist sucks because....
b) How can you say this is the best playlist ever when you don't even have...
c) I don't believe you have [song name] on the list and you claim this is a good list...
d) Now that I've read your playlist I know why you pussy out of fights all the time.
(choose d only if angry at the whole world)


The Notorious LJT said...


Side Bar said...

A very strong list. A few random observations:

1). I have to question the inclusion of seven songs by Arcade Fire and only one by the Beach Boys. I suppose it's impossible to create a list this long and not accidentally have a few incongruities like that, but you are a huge Beach Boys fan, so this seemed like one of the only glaring oversights to me.

2). I am never going to be the one to call into question the inclusion of 13 DMB songs, but someone will.

3). No Stones?

4). Born to Run?

5). Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Isreal Kamamawiwo'ole is a beautiful song. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz is up there too.

6). I also really like If I Had a Million Dollars by the BNL. I assume you mean the live version, and not the shitty studio version.

7). You picked the four objectively best Pearl Jam songs.

8). I didn't Journey at first and we almost had to stop being friends.

9). I don't really care, but I was surprised there was no Green Day.

Wallybear said...

no gin blossoms? super disappointed.

thought i'd leave a comment and try to keep in touch!

ChuckJerry said...

Interesting point on the Beach Boys. I do love them.

I could, and have, made a playlist of only DMB songs. The DMB songs on this list are mostly live versions and mellow interpretations (can DMB get more mellow?).

I'm not in love with the Stones. There's certainly room for them, but I don't even have any.

Born to Run is dope. An oversight I guess. Of course, I don't think anyone would argue that it's better than Tunder Road.

The Ray Charles "Over the Rainbow" is hot fire. You gotta hear it.

I like "Call and Answer" even better than "$1,000,000".

I, obviously, agree with you re: the Pearl Jam songs, but it's interesting to say they are "objectively" the best.

I would never front on Journey.

Interesting about Green Day. I like their first album. Most interesting is that I could hand anyone a guitar and have them playing that whole album in a week. It's like 4 chords, but it's a really good effort.

ChuckJerry said...

Wally aka The Commodore,

Hey Jealousy and Allison Road are both actually really good. I don't think I have that album, however.

I'll expect regular commentary from you in the future until you are kidnapped by a drug cartel or arrested.

I'll give you a dollar if you get your own episode of Locked Up Abroad. That's a good show.

ChuckJerry said...

Oh shit,

As of this moment, the newet addition to the list is "I Want It That Way", the Backstreet Boys instant classic.

Open Bar said...

Would that be the English or the Spanish version of the seminal Backstreet smash?

ChuckJerry said...

tu eres, mi fuego
mi uno, deseo
crea, cuando digo
lo quiero como eso.

digame porque. no hay nada pero un dolor de corazon.

I was thinking of the English version, but if AJ and Kevin sang it in Spanish, it must be good.